Sunder Vann

This is a psy trance track that has an electronic base and leaves a mystical impression. The instruments used in this track are sequencer, sampler and synthesizer. The rhythmic arrangemments and layers of the melody is created by high tempo riffs that allure the mind. The track can be used as background music for parties, fests and social events in movies and short films.

Artist: The Esotarica

The Esotarica is Asian beauty. She was born in the US but her parents moved to Goa, India as they wanted open their own restaurant there. Somehow, Goa exposed her to psytrance music and she grew up learning and practicing that. Today, The Esotarica mastered the psytrance beauty and is now ready to introduce herself to the world.

Composer : XLR Studios

ISRC : ITZ071900756

Genre : Psy-Trance

BPM : 138

Duration : 00:03:14

Scale :

Cemlot :