Disco Bass (World Beat Dance Disco)

Buddha Bar Style Electronica World Dance Upbeat Lounge Track with Mid East Vocal Chops. Best used for Travel, Fashion, Exotic Outdoors, World Cafe and In-Store Music.

Artist: Dino Formes

I am Dino Formes and I am 'Deep House' artist. I was born and brought up in Chicago. The person I am today, I feel so lucky to look back to the day when I touched the musical instruments for the very first time. I never thought music will become so important to me. It takes a lot of effort to accomplish what you desire but the end results always make them worthful.

Composer : XLR Studios

ISRC : ITZ071949112

Genre : Electronica

BPM : 125

Duration : 00:02:36

Scale :

Cemlot :