Psychic Shakers (Groovy World beat Fusion)

Buddha Bar Style World Fusion Music with Electronic Influences. Worldbeat Lounge Track. Greatest Fusion of World Rhythms. Best used for Travel, Exotic Outdoors, World Cafe and In-Store Music.

Artist: ILA Liam

I have always been inspired by ethnicity of the music in the diverse world we live in. Ever since i learned music, i had committed myself to produce regional folk and fusion music and had been delivering 'World Fusion' music including Arabian Influences (One of my favorites), Persian and other multilingual mixes with modern and classical blends perfect for chill out lounges and cafe across the globe! 

Composer : XLR Studios

ISRC : ITZ071949055

Genre : Chill Out

BPM : 130

Duration : 00:02:35

Scale :

Cemlot :