Love At First Sight (EDM Festival Future House)

Modern Future House Dance track with Festival Feel. The Vibrant track is full of life and fun. Sunshin Feel with Hard Dance. The track can be used in Cues for Beach parties, Summer festivals, EDM Festivals, Fashion Shows, Corporate Product Placements etc.

Artist: Frigid Flame

I am Frigid Flame and 'Future House' is my genre. I am in love with the beats, the energy, and the heat of the party crowd as they motivate me to do more and more for this industry. I basically target club music and my music also goes for background music in fashion shows for ramp walks as well.

Composer : XLR Studios

ISRC : ITZ071912980

Genre : Future House

BPM : 128

Duration : 00:03:15

Scale :

Cemlot : 10A