Miss You

This track is for inner healing and relaxing purposes. This track has lulling melody that gives an immense pleasure. The track helps to sooth the senses and heal you from within. This sweet melody can be used as background music for early morning scenes and for relaxing shots in movies and youtube videos as well. This track is perfection for easy sleep.

Artist: Ambient 11

I am a Meditation Music Artist. My music include meditation and healing. Mother Nature is my inspiration. Influenced by the silence of the mountains, the splashes of the rivers, and the awakening bird chirps, I create music that imbibes in itself an essence of nature and its calmness! 

Composer : Maxxic Manifestt Studios

ISRC : ITZ071803708

Genre : Healing

BPM : 139

Duration : 00:02:47

Scale :

Cemlot :