Space Junk

This is a chill-out track. The track has a slow and rhythmic pattern that is romantic and soothing. The track is such that with the beats of the music one can really cherish a moment. The track is suitable for slow dance at corporate parties and other gatherings. The track can also be used as background music for dance videos, events and travel videos as well.

Artist: COSMK

COSMK: A very creative and inventive personality. He chooses to produce 'Chill-Out' relaxing music that can be used to experience relaxing evenings, lounges, laid-back music. His tracks can be used as soundtrack music for fashion photography and ramp walks.

Composer : XLR Studios

ISRC : ITZ071801322

Genre : Chill Out

BPM : 104

Duration : 00:02:18

Scale :

Cemlot :