Classical Chill Out

This track is for healing and meditation. The soothing melody along with the harmony of the flute, gives peace to the mind and soul. The track helps to deal with stress and anxiety. The flute melody of this music works as sugar for the ears. The music can be used as background music in movies and youtube videos for therapeutical spa, religious scenes and documentaries on meditation.

Artist: Spiritual Sound Clubb

Likes to be quiet and observatory. As an artist, I believe the thoughts and feelings should reflect in the music. I get inspired by the beauty of nature and its sounds. I like to put serenity and sweetness of nature sounds in my music for the listeners to feel relaxed, calm and motivated.

Composer : Maxxic Manifestt Studios

ISRC : ITZ071800636

Genre : Easy Listening

BPM : 128

Duration : 00:02:01

Scale :

Cemlot :