Garden of Peace

This is a relaxing track. The ambience and slow melody of the track makes it suitable for spa, easy sleep and healing. The track can be used for thai massage to sooth your senses, background music for sun rise shots, documentaries and other youtube videos.

Artist: Serenity Calls

'Serenity Calls' is what my music reflects. Serene Nature Sounds from bird chirps,waves, tides, waterfalls, water ripples are incorporated into electronic calm music bases to deliver the best in class music for a sound sleep, relaxation, meditation, healing and therapy.  Positive Attitude, Hopeful, Mystical, Spa, Massage, Spiritual, Divine..You can experience all with 'Serenity Calls'

Composer : Maxxic Manifestt Studios

ISRC : ITZ071800541

Genre : Easy Listening

BPM : 84

Duration : 00:03:13

Scale :

Cemlot :