This track is for inner healing and utter relaxation. The soothing music of this relaxes the mind and body. The track helps to relieve from depression, stress and addiction. This music really works in rejuvenation of the body. The music can be used as background music in movies and youtube videos for relaxing, bed time or early morning shots. This track can be used for massage and spa therapies.

Artist: Sanct Devotional Club

I aim to spread the power of my healing music for spiritual upliftment, peace and rejuvenation. I believe nothing can bring peace to us like the way mother nature bestows with the sounds of birds, rain and waterfalls, which are major elements of my tracks.

Composer : Maxxic Manifestt Studios

ISRC : ITZ071800085

Genre : Healing

BPM : 140

Duration : 00:03:20

Scale :

Cemlot :