A Spiritual Journey

Heal out from the disturbing thoughts in you. This track is to calm and relax your mental state. Experience peace, relaxation and self-rejuvenation with this track. This track can be used as background music in movies and youtube videos as well for peacefull and lively shots. This track will help to enhance your healing, Yoga, and therapeutical spa experiences.

Artist: Mystical Guide

 Mystical Guide: Loves nature. His music includes age-old classical rhythms blended with modern electronic bases. The tracks are purely meditative, healing and reflect peace and serenity. You would love the calmness owned by nature elements incorporated into his music.  

Composer : Maxxic Manifestt Studios

ISRC : ITZ071800426

Genre : Easy Listening

BPM : 140

Duration : 00:03:05

Scale :

Cemlot :