Music at is Royalty Free! What is Royalty Free Production Music?

Licensing music from is royalty free meaning that you need to pay just once and use the track for as many times as you wish to, as per the license agreement terms. There is no need to pay an additional licensing fee for each usage.

You need not pay additional royalties to the artists. We understand designing exclusive music for your creative projects is a time consuming and tedious affair, especially for frequent requirements with large projects/production houses, for which one composer may not suffice for the ongoing bulk requirement. Therefore we offer royalty free bulk music at affordable prices which makes your projects or creations cost effective. You need not put efforts and money for exclusive track production.

What is Production Music?

Production Music is the music produced for video productions. Production music adds emotions, rhythms and effects to anything created for an on- screen usage.

The production music is licensed in perpetuity to be used worldwide.

The music is cost effective owing to its usage by perpetuity licensing that allows indefinite usage of the tracks purchased keeping license agreement limitations in check.

Where all you can use Production Music?

The production music can be used in designing

  • YouTube videos and Tutorials,
  • Films and TV series
  • Advertisements & Product Endorsements
  • Cue tracks for Music Directions & Cinematic Productions
  • Corporate background music for Presentations & Launch Parties,
  • Travel and Tourism industry music & signature music for Spa and
  • Saloon brands.

How can you license royalty free production music from MahaGanesha?

You can avail royalty free production music from at perpetual license, meaning that you can use the music licensed for lifetime. The licensed music can be used end number of times in creative productions.

Our music library has been created by a team of expert musicians, artists and composers from across the globe. The library has exclusively designed playlists catering to a number of creative applications. These playlists have been designed by our in-house team of experienced music supervisors who diligently handpick tracks for our pre-designed playlists.

We also offer preconfigured bundles for bulk requirements catering to the needs of huge production houses. This reduces the cost per cue or per video and keeps budgets intact for your productions. Thus you avail non-exclusive music from a vast library at economic prices.

We at Mahaganesha leave no point unturned in understanding your specific needs and therefore offer flexible services of designing your own choice of playlists. You can either create your own playlist or buy preconfigured bundles. To create your own playlist you must sign in as a user with and browse ‘All Tracks’ Section. You can also browse music organized in a particular set of genres and moods. Add the tracks of your choice to your playlist and request us for a quote.

We have full copyrights owned for our tracks. To know more about licensing music from us Contact Us.

Protect Your Copyright!

Licensing music ensures that you are not putting your creation at risk of copyright infringement and that you pay for the music owner/artist producing the music.

It helps you avoid the risk of your video/series/movie/trailer/advertisement being removed from online streaming sites.

Where all the production music cannot be used?

The production music cannot be recompiled, edited or remixed to be sold to third party. The licensed audio files cannot be sold directly in retail and cannot be relicensed.

Add On Benefits of Royalty Free Production Music

Our ready to use playlists cater to a vast variety of projects and creations and provide you with any kind of music you need. The playlists have been organized by peer selection of tracks by a team of expert music supervisors.

It saves a big chunk of your time designing music for your creative projects. You can preview the cue unlimited times before its use. Your projects are rendered cost effective.