1. Who are MahaGanesha Music?

MahaGanesha is India’s largest Production Music Library providing music for videos, cinematic creations, films, broadcast and corporate sectors, animation and digital media industry.

2. Is MahaGanesha Music Royalty Free?

Yes music at MahaGanesha Production Music Library is royalty free, meaning that you need not pay additional royalties to the composers/artists. You need to pay once for perpetual licensing and can use the music unlimited times in your productions.

3. What does my MahaGanesha license include?

  • A MahaGanesha license lets you utilise the music worldwide in any creative project either personal or commercial.
  • However, you cannot use MahaGanesha Music for retail selling. The music cannot be used in re-compilations, edited or sold to third party or re-licensed.
  • Licensing from MahaGanesha provides you with a perpetual license. For more details about licensing, you can email us at licensing@mahaganeshdistribution.com.

4. Do I need to renew my Licence?

We have all our tracks in perpetuity. You need not renew the license.

5. How can I find suitable music for my project?

You can access our library by multiple routes:

  • Select a genre, mood or artist of your choice.
  • Browse all pre designed playlists and buy the playlist of your choice.
  • Purchase our pre-configured bundles. This is suggested for bulk music requirement.
  • You can create your own playlist by browsing the ‘All Tracks’ section of MahaGanesha.com.

6. How can I add tracks to my playlists?

  • To add tracks to your playlist, you must create a user account by signing up.
  • Once you are logged in you can go to ‘MUSIC’ section on the home page and click on ‘View all Tracks’ to enter our music library.
  • You can select the track of your choice and click on’…’ add to playlist. You can also select tracks from any artist, genre or mood.