About Us

Mahaganesha is a music production library which offers high quality and high definition soundtracks for creative applications. Our music is absolutely royalty free. We provide licenses in perpetuity. Our peer selection team of experts and supervisors ensure that you save time in selecting the music for all your needs and therefore offer you pre-configured playlists to choose from our library. We target clients requiring high quality soundtracks for on screen creations including trailers, films, videos, games, you tube, web series and many such creative art productions. If you are looking for high quality and high definition royalty free audio products at economic prices, then you are at the right place at Mahaganesha.com. You save time, money and work hassle free with no risk of copyright infringement.

It is simple. You need to register yourself at mahaganesha.com. Listen to our preview tracks from multiple popular genres from more than 300 artists. Our entire music library is grouped into 11 different moods that include tracks suitable to the needs of any type of creative production.

Our Capacities:

  • 1. Licensing
  • 2. Offering Bulk Music as ‘Preconfigured Bundles’ and ‘Your Choice Playlist’
  • 3. Service Provider: We also deal in providing music to Spa Chains, Travel & Tourism Industry, Hotels & Café etc. on subscription basis (Blanket Licenses)

To know more about production music visit Licensing, FAQ or Contact Us page for any assistance.